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Check out our Bakerly review to find out how to get authentic French baked goods delivered to your doorstep. Bakerly products are made with real, wholesome ingredients (free of artificial additives), and a high dose of savoir faire, or 'know how.' They specialize in filled crepes and brioche bread in many different forms, all of which are as fluffy and decadent as you'd expect to find in a French bakery. The Bakerly crepes are even individually packaged for a super convenient, portable snack option. They give you the choice to order as you need or subscribe via an 'auto-bake' feature, so you can customize your experience exactly how you need it. If you're a fan of baked goods, you definitely need to check out Bakerly!

What's in Our Bakerly Box:

- Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Crepes
- Caramel with Crispy Cereal Balls Filled Crepes
- Chocolate Hazelnut with Crispy Cereal Balls Filled Crepes
- Strawberry Filled Crepes
- Brioche Dinner Rolls
- French Pancakes
- Brioche Baguettes
- Brioche Rolls
- Chocolate Croissants
- Brioche Rolls with Chocolate Chips
- Sliced Brioche Bread
- Hand-Braided Brioche Bread
- Brioche Burger Buns
- Brioche Hot Dog Buns

What We Tasted in Our Review:

- Hand-Braided Brioche Bread
- Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Crepes
- Chocolate Croissant
- French Pancakes

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3:39 Bakerly Review Conclusion

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~Boxed Cake Mix Hack~ BETTER than BAKERY CAKE!!!
This is how to use a boxed cake mix in a new way! This boxed cake mix hack makes your store bought mix taste like it came from a bakery! you can use a yellow cake mix, a white cake mix, a chocolate cake mix, any cake mix flavor with this cake mix hack. Below are the links to the tools I use in this video and others. Thank you for watching! ❤Kitchen and baking tools I use❤ The cake carrier I use: Kitchen Aid stand mixer: Hand Mixer: 10” cake boards: Cake carrier: Cake decorating kit: ❤OTHER VIDEO LINKS❤ Box Cake Mix Hack: Better than Bakery Cake: Box Cake Mix Hack - Chocolate: How to use a Yellow Cake Mix: How to use a Box Cake Mix for BREAKFAST: Cake Lettering Hack: Cake Decorating Hack: Jello Poke Cake Recipe: Bakery Buttercream Recipe: Cupcake Pull-Apart Cake: Cupcake Pull-Apart Cake 2: How to use a Box Cake Mix: Cake Mix Cookies: ❤FREQUENTLY MENTIONED LINKS + DISCOUNTS❤ Download the Fetch Reward app (code 6KUH4): Download Ibotta: BabyFirst: Give $10 off of $50: Try Grove Collaborative and get a 5-piece gift set and receive $10 off your first purchase at Grove Collaborative: Tube Buddy software link: ❤FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS❤ Camera I use for filming: Software I use to edit videos: My Fitness Watch: Music I use: Let’s be friends: 📷Instagram: 📱 Facebook: 📌Pinterest: ✉ Email: [email protected] *I sometimes use affiliate links which means that I receive a small portion of the purchase prices of products at no additional charge to you. This helps support my channel so thank you. My videos are for entertainment purposes only. Any information related to food, food safety, cooking, recipes, etc. are my opinions only. Nerissa/Nerissa Nikole is not liable and/or responsible for any advice, services, or product you obtain through this video. My opinions and the views expressed in my videos do not represent the views of my employer.*

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Faster No Knead Bread - So Easy ANYONE can make (but NO BOILING WATER!!)
!! NO BOILING WATER !! - 130° F MAX !! **BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS, PLEASE LOOK AT MY FAQs:** NO DUTCH OVEN? 3 cups bread flour or all purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon yeast 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups hot water (NOT OVER 130° F) about 2 Tablespoons extra flour for shaping !!! HOT WATER SHOULD NOT BE BOILING - NOT OVER 130° F. !!! FULL RECIPE: NO DUTCH OVEN? WANT IT EVEN FASTER? Make it in 2 HOURS with more yeast: SHARE: MORE VIDEOS: ALL OF JENNY'S RECIPES: MORE ON JENNY: PINTEREST: SUBSCRIBE: © Copyright 2022 - Jenny Can Cook - Jenny Jones

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The Best French Desserts and Bakeries to Try in Paris | French Desserts
Every dessert lover should once in their lifetime travel to Paris. Would you like to buy me a coffee? And that’s precisely what I did. Here is my list of the best French desserts and bakeries you should definitely visit on your trip to Paris. Article with the map: Choux à la crème at Popelini (2.4€) - Popelini opened in 2011, and it took its name after the Popelini the Italian pastry chef who worked for the queen Catherine de Medicis and invented the choux pastry. Rich with flavor and made with handcrafted ingredients. It changed my life forever! Chocolate Brioche at Aux Merveilleux de Fred (3.6€) - When you enter the Aux Merveilleux de Fred you instantly know that you are at the right place. The smell is just fantastic. These giant brioches are so fluffy and delicious that I wish they start making pillows like this soon. Croissant & Pain au chocolat at La Maison d’Isabelle (1€ and 1.2€) - La Maison d’Isabelle is the winner of Best Croissant in Paris 2018, and there is a reason for that. The best croissant and pain au chocolate I ever had! Just listen to that crunch! Mille-feuille at Carl Marletti (7€) - Carl Marletti was a long walk from my Airbnb but well worth it. You tell just from peeking through the window that these people take their desserts seriously. The specialty is the Vanilla Mille-feuille (‘thousand-leaf’), and it was spectacular. Chocolate-Pistachio Escargot at Du Pain et Des Idées (3.6€) - is a spiral pastry often eaten for breakfast in France. Its name translates as the snail. It is a member of the pâtisserie viennoiserie family of baked foods. The bakery is run by a passionate baker, Christophe Vasseur who went from fashion industry sales executive to THE Baker. The bakery is famous not only for its excellent bread and pastries but for its exquisite interior from 1889 as well. Paris-Brest at Jacques genin (12€) - This was one of the most expensive desserts I tried in Paris, but it was also one of the best Paris-Brest’s I ever tried. There are no desserts on display. You can order from the menu, and they will be freshly-prepared for you on order. Excellent. Eclairs at L’Eclair de Genie (5.9€) - You can’t visit Paris and not try Eclairs. One of the best places in Paris to get your eclairs is L’Eclair de Genie or ‘Genius eclair’. They are opened since 2012 and have now 4 shops around central Paris. Macarons at Ladurée (2.1€) - And last but not least you need to try some macarons. One of the best places to try macaron Is Ladurée. Ladurée is the world’s best-known premier seller of macarons. They have a 157-year history and sell over 15000 macarons every day. Map with all places: Thank you for watching! Please consider subscribing. Gear I use: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II - Canon 80D - Canon 10-18mm Lens - Rode Mic - Joby GorillaPod - ScanDisk 256GB - MUSIC: David Cutter Music - You Know Where to Go - Slow motion - Instagram: Facebook:

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Professional Baker Teaches You How To Make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!
Chef Anna Olson teaches you how to make the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had! Check out Anna's brand new chocolate chip cookie recipe here: Subscribe for more video recipes: Ingredients ½ cup (115 g) unsalted butter, at room temperature ½ cup (100 g) packed light brown sugar ½ cup (100 g) granulated sugar 1 large egg, at room temperature 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 ¼ cup (185 g) all-purpose flour 1 Tbsp (7.5 g) cornstarch ½ tsp (2.5 g) baking soda ½ tsp (2.5 g) salt 1 ½ cup (262 g) chocolate chips 1 cup (100 g) lightly toasted, coarsely chopped pecans (optional) Directions 1. Cream the butter with the brown sugar and granulated sugar together well. Beat in the egg and the vanilla. 2. In a separate bowl, sift the flour with the cornstarch, baking soda and salt. Add this to the butter mixture and stir until blended. Stir in the chocolate chips and pecans (if using). 3. Using a small ice cream scoop or a tablespoon, scoop spoonfuls of dough (about 2 Tbsp) shape them into a ball and place onto a parchment lined baking tray or a plate. Chill the scooped cookies for at least an hour, or once chilled, the cookies can be frozen for baking later. 4. Preheat the oven to 325ºF (162 C). Arrange the chilled scooped cookies onto parchment-lined baking trays, leaving 3 inches between the cookies. Bake for 15-18 minutes, until browned around the edges. Cool the cookies on the baking tray. If baking cookie dough that has been frozen, arrange the frozen cookies on the baking tray and let them thaw for 20 minutes at room temperature before baking as above. Let cool slightly and enjoy. Anna Olson Books: Buy Back to Baking with Anna Olson Recipe Book on Amazon: Comprar Repostería con Anna: 200 recetas dulces para compartir y disfrutar: Buy Another Cup of Sugar with Anna Olson Recipe Book on Amazon: Buy In The Kitchen with Anna Recipe Book on Amazon: Buy Fresh with Anna Olson - Seasonally Inspired Recipes to Share with Family and Friends on Amazon: Buy Anna and Michael Olson Cook at Home by Anna Olson on Amazon: Follow Anna on social media: Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Anna's Official Website: Follow Oh Yum on... Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: Official Oh Yum Website: #OhYum

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Bakerly Review: The Best Place To Buy French Baked Goods Online?
BAKERLY COUPON: (FOODBOXHQ15 for 15% off) Hi Food Box HQ Family! Today we're unboxing and taste testing Bakerly. They were kind enough to send us a bunch of baked goods to share our thoughts with you guys :). Bakerly is an online bakery that specializes in French baked goods such as crepes, croissants, brioche buns and breads. They even have pre-made pancakes (our favorite)! Have you tried Bakerly before? Have a question we didn't answer? Let us know in the comments below! We're on INSTAGRAM! We'd love if you gave us a follow — If you like this video, please consider subscribing and clicking that "thumbs up"! We'd love to have you be a part of the Food Box HQ family :). Check out all of our food box reviews over at 😊!

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Master Bakers making 100's of bagels at World Famous 24 hour bakery: "Beigel Bake" Brick Lane London
✓ It's very much long overdue and about time that we visited our all time favourite bakery to get a special look at the process of beigel making from start to finish. This (not so secret place for Londoners) is a bakery which we've been visiting now for around 25 years. You can come here safe in the knowledge that it will be always be open 24-7, 365..........this shop is one of London's most special places. Why is this our favourite place? simply because the prices here are very much affordable, so much so that anyone can come here in the knowledge that they can eat something filling without it costing a fortune - where else can you buy a beigel for 0.30 pence!!! Spend 10 to 15 minutes standing in the shop (and eating) and you'll see all walks of life come into the shop rich or poor: low, middle & upper classes can allbe seen as customers in the shop, At 4:00am you would get a slice of London in that Bagel shop, night clubbers leaving the clubs, hookers, police, night shift workers, taxi & minicab drivers etc all eating a salt beef bagel with a cup of tea. The best place to stand when eating in the shop, we reckon its right by the window on a Sunday afternoon (on market day). They can get extraordinarily busy with queues very often snaking out of the door, especially on Sundays or in the night time when nightclubbers come in droves, well past midnight & into the early hours - the speed of service is second to none; so if you're in a rush you'll never be waiting for too long. Our favourite munch here is: * A beigel with cream cheese. * Onion platzel with butter & cheese with their's been our first choice when I come here. The menu is focused on beigels, which are baked in the traditional Jewish style with fillings such as hot salt beef with mustard, chopped herring, and cream cheese and salmon. They also produce pastries and sweets treats such as Danish rolls, apple strudel, Eccles cakes and cheesecake, as well as white, rye and black bread. Beigel Bake produce well 2000 to 3000 beigels daily. Sammy the part owner has been running the shop for nearly since 1974 and there's no secret to the beigel recipe; he says that the ingredients include: flour, warm water, sugar, malt flour, salt and yeast. This is the shop that never closes, (it stays open 24 hours a day, 7 days, 365 days a year) so anyone can come here anytime of the day or night. A very special thank you to Sami & his team who welcomed us and graciously allowed us a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing. Having spent a day in this bakery, I now have major respect for bakers! damn they work so hard! Harder then I ever thought!. Brick Lane Beigel Bake Bakery is located at: 159 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SB Phone number: 0207 729 0616 Twitter: @BeigelBake The working title of this video was "a day in the life of a beigel bakery". (Video recorded on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

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The Magic Of Bread Making
Making bread is a time-consuming but magical process. Follow the producer: @vaughn Follow L’Imprimerie: @limprimerie Follow Breads Bakery: @breadsbakery Check us out on Facebook! - MUSIC Waltz On The Blue Danube EMHCML001_13 Warner Chappell Audio Network Credits:

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Our Daily Bread - Reel 2 (1962)
Continued from Reel 1. Sunblest bread being made at bakeries. Reel 2. Big dollops of dough are flopped out of large machines into bins, covered with cloth and left to ferment. Dough goes through machinery, being kneaded and cut then rolled into sausage shapes. Men put them in tins on a conveyor belt; they go into ovens and come out cooked the other side (obviously takes a bit longer than this!). Commentator compares this method to the old way that 'Grandmama' used to make bread, saying "We've made our bread better, and even more hygienic". Loaves on cooling conveyor belt. Men in white coats and hats make loaf shapes: cottage, Vienna, French sticks, French rolls, bloomers, baps and fruit loaves, that head towards the ovens. White loaves are sliced and wrapped by machines. Wrapped traditional Scottish batch loaves on conveyor belt; several shots show processes involved in making them with crust at the top and bottom only. In the despatch department workers load orders onto trolleys that are stacked into the back of trucks. Sunblest vans drive out of the depot and away from the bakery buildings. Van drives through town, stops outside bakery and man delivers pallet into shop. Lovely footage as woman customer buys a Sunblest loaf and squeezes it to test the freshness. Great shots of women choosing loaves in supermarket. Elderly woman in grocer's picks loaf off counter and pays man (this is really nice footage). Exterior of corner grocery. Several good shots of men going round housing estates with big baskets of bread, selling door to door to housewives. Excellent footage of women cooking with bread at home - bread pudding, omelette with fried bread, summer pudding, croutons on soup, Brown Betty Pudding, fried cheese sandwich (yeuch!), little hamburgers on small rolls, toast topping casserole. All really good for illustrating suburbia, middle-class lifestyle, housewives etc. Back at the pub the landlady prepares bready 'appetisers'. Canadian, Rector and Miller order bread and cheese from barman to go with tomatoes and tuck into the titbits. Fade into shots of plates of bread, cheese and tomatoes. Miller spouts about how fascinating bread is (cataloguer begs to differ by now). Combine harvesters in wheat field. End credits: Written by Douglas Warth; Associate Producer Lionel Hoare; Produced by Terry Ashwood; Directed by Eric Fullilove; The End. FILM ID:2707.04 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 136,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1984. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website.

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Homemade Beignet Recipe - Celebrate Mardi Gras the Right Way! | Get the Dish
It's impossible to escape drinking a few too many hurricane cocktails on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Your saving grace the morning after is a visit to Café du Monde for beignets and coffee. But you don't need to be in NOLA to enjoy fresh-fried beignets. Since Mardi Gras is approaching, celebrate it the right way with this homemade beignets recipe, loaded with powdered sugar in true Café du Monde fashion! Subscribe to POPSUGAR Food! Visit our website for more easy recipes and cooking tips! Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! Get the latest updates via Twitter!!/POPSUGARFood

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Costco St Michel Chocolate French Crepes Review
Costco St Michel Chocolate French Crepes Review. Costco had a new item from a company in France. St Michel chocolate French crepes. We tried crepes from Costco made by another company. That one wasn't so good. Will this be better? __ __ Check out our Celebrity News channel - Check out our Pregnancy/Parenting Channel Father Land - Check out our beauty/lifestyle channel - Check out our Wrestling channel - Check out our food channel - Check out our home channel - Check out our pet/animal channel - Check out our trucking channel - Support My Work On PayPal - Support My Work On Patreon - __ FTC Disclaimer - This video is not sponsored. Some links above may be commission links. These are denoted with a in the link.

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Paul Bakery (Phantom Gourmet)
Founded in France over 125 years ago, Paul Bakeries can now be found all over the globe, including right here in our own backyard at their latest shops at Assembly Row in Somerville, the Natick Mall, and Boston's Downtown Crossing. And while the recipes have been passed down through generations, the decor is an elegant blend of old and new... featuring paneled walls, checkered floors and faux bookshelves.

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Spot and Tango Review: Human - Grade Unkibble Dog Food Any Good? (Taste Test)
🔥 Get 50% Off Spot & Tango Here: 💖 This Link Helps Support This Channel So Thank You! - Michelle 📝 Read Our Full Spot & Tango Review Here: **Coming Soon** Check out our Spot & Tango review for the lowdown on the cleanest, most unique dog food delivery service out there. With a remarkable 'fresh dry food' called Unkibble, fresh dog food (you can see the whole ingredients!), and 1-ingredient treats, they're not kidding when they say their food is clean. They even personalize your dog's food scoop size so you never have to measure again! 📦 What's in Our Spot & Tango Box: - Beef & Barley Unkibble - Yam Yums Sweet Potato Snacks - Chicken Munchies - Turkey & Red Quinoa Fresh Food - Beef & Millet Fresh Food - Lamb & Brown Rice Fresh Food - Personalized Food Scoop 🍽️ What We Tasted in Our Review: - Beef & Barley Unkibble - Yam Yums Sweet Potato Snacks 💜 Follow Us for Upcoming Reviews: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ________________________________ 📖 Chapters 0:00 Intro to Spot & Tango Review 0:25 Unboxing Spot & Tango 2:43 Taste Test Spot & Tango Dog Food 4:01 Spot & Tango Review Conclusion ________________________________ #Mealkite #MichelleFonger

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White's Bakery & Cafe - Brockton, MA (Phantom Gourmet)
Sometimes having a sweet tooth just isn't enough. At White's Bakery and Cafe in Brockton, you'll need your entire mouth opened wide. White's boasts the biggest, most tempting, frosting-packed, fully-stocked pastry case in New England.

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🇫🇷 La Boulangere Chocolate Filled Crepes with Hazelnut - Costco Product Review
Chocolate Filled with Hazelnut Crêpes These original ready-to-eat chocolate filled crêpes are the perfect snack for the whole family. • Authentic French recipe • Individually wrapped crêpes • Ready to eat! from # HazelnutCrêpes #Crêpe #LaBoulangere #costco

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Porto's Bakery & Cafe : World's Best Bakery!
Portos Bakery & Cafe : Super Mega Factory for Baked Goods with unbeatable prices. Follow me on Instagram: daprofessional_davi My Tech and Gaming Channel: My Vlog and Food Channel: My Toys unboxing and Review Channel:

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The Fluffiest Brioche Bread Recipe By June | Delish
Delish test kitchen manager, June, is showing you how to make golden, light and puffy brioche bread. Full recipe: Follow June: SUBSCRIBE to delish: FOLLOW for more #DELISH! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Google+:

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La recette de la brioche fait maison sans robot et sans pétrissage très facile et rapide à réaliser. Super moelleuse, filante et très légère. elle est tout simplement inratable. Je lui donne une forme tressée avec ajout de pépites de chocolat🍫. Régalez vous bien 😋 Mon matériel de cuisine que je recommande: Robot pâtissier kitchenaid: Robot blender ninja: Balance électronique: Petits pots 125ml: Ensemble de mixeur plongeant: Thermomètre de cuisson: Set de couteaux: Moule à cake: Presse agrumes: Presse ail: (Liens affiliés) Abonne toi par là ➡️ sans oublier d'activer la cloche🔔 Mes Réseaux Sociaux: Snapchat: Page Facebook: Groupe Facebook: Insta: Ingrédients : 500g de farine 215ml de lait tiède 13g de levure boulangère sèche 3 œufs entiers 100g de sucre 1 sachet de sucre vanille 1/2 cac de sel 100g beurre fondu 100g de pépites de chocolat Bonjour à tous, après quelques retours sur la pâte qui reste collante, je tiens à éclaircir quelques points pour vous aider à mieux réussir cette recette. Mais avant ça, j’aimerais remercier tout ceux qui ont réussi la recette ça m’a fait plaisir de recevoir toutes vos photos sur mes réseaux sociaux, continuez à le faire 😊 - Premièrement il faut savoir que je vie au Québec et les farines sont donc un peu différentes, celle que j’utilise se rapproche plus de la T45 - Je vous ai dit de ne pas rajouter de farine, mais dans le cas que votre pâte n’a pas le même aspect que la mienne n’hésitez pas à en rajouter. - Votre pâte doit être parfaitement homogène (se référer à l’image à 3:00 min de la vidéo) pour qu’elle ne soit plus collante après le temps de repos, de ce fait n’hésitez pas à utiliser vos mains pour la "travailler" un peu sans forcément la pétrir évidement. - Si après le temps de repos, votre pâte est quand même assez collante pas de panique, vous pouvez tout d’abord la saupoudrer de farine et simplement la disposer dans un moule à cake en petites boules ou sinon mettre la pâte complète sans la tresser. Le visuel sera différent mais ca sera tout aussi bon! - J’utilise 13g de levure sèche déshydratée, vous pouvez si vous le souhaitez utiliser de la levure boulangère fraîche, il vous en faudra 33g. - Ne mettez jamais la levure en contact direct avec le sel, aux risques de tuer la levure et d’avoir une pâte qui ne gonfle pas. - Mettez la pâte à reposer dans l’endroit le plus chaud de votre maison et n’hésitez pas à laisser pousser plus s’il le faut. MERCI ET À BIENTÔT POUR D’AUTRES RECETTES 😊 Vidéos populaires sur la chaîne : Le gâteau qui pleure : brioche sans beurre et sans pétrissage : Glace au chocolat sans sorbetière: Yaourt maison sans yaourtière: Kinder délice XXL : #DeliCuisine


The Best Way to Make Homemade Caramel
Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 1/3 cup water 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice 1 cup heavy cream 2 teaspoons vanilla extract Pinch of sea salt Get the recipe for homemade caramel here: Making caramel can be a tricky process. Learn the best way to make smooth, homemade caramel from Deputy Food Director Whitney Wright.

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Nutella Banana and Nutella Strawberry Blueb Crepe
Arbuz Cafe Nutella Banana Crepe and Nutella Strawberry Blueberry Crepe

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