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We head out in Ferrari's first ever V6 - the new 296 GTB. With 819bhp available from a hybridised 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6, it packs a serious punch. So what's it like on the road?

2022 Ferrari 296 GTB review:
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Ferrari is entering a new era. Soon an SUV will join its line-up, and in 2025 we’ll see the first-ever Ferrari EV. But the brand isn’t turning its back on combustion-engined sports cars just yet, because its latest offering – the 296 GTB – has arrived, featuring some incredible technology. It packs an 819bhp punch in one of the most compact packages we’ve ever seen roll out of the gates of the Maranello factory.

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NEW Ferrari 296 GTB at the Nurburgring! | HARD Acceleration, Start up, Idling Sound & Walkaround!
During my visit at the Nurburgring I recorded the brand new Ferrari 296 GTB with som good company like the Mclaren 675LT, Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae and a Toyota Supra, Also the rare Mercedes Rote Sau drove by. Enjoy the video. Let me know what you think of the V6 engine sound! 'LIKE'' my Instagram page: 👉 ----------------------------------------­-- INFO BELOW! -------------------------- Leave a question, comment or video response below. Subscribe for more awesome carvideo's: 👉 Facebook: 👉 Instagram: 👉 E-mail: [email protected] #Ferrari #296GTB #Nurburgring

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Introducing the new Ferrari 296 GTS
The #Ferrari296GTS raises the bar of Fun to Drive: a new powertrain with an unmistakable soundtrack, innovative dynamic control systems and more compact dimensions ensure that this mid-rear-engined sport berlinetta sets new benchmarks in terms of both performance and driving experience. #Ferrari Subscribe to Ferrari: Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Ferrari Since 1947

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Ferrari 296 GTB : insane 0 - 290 km/h !
Embarquez pour un 0 à 290 km/h complètement fou à bord de la 296 GTB, nouvelle berlinette de Ferrari propulsée par une V6 biturbo combiné à un moteur électrique pour une puissance totale de 830 ch sur les seules roues arrière ! SUBSCRIBE HERE ► JOIN US ON FACEBOOK►

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2023 Ferrari 296 GTB LOUD SOUND!! | Acceleration, Revs, Drive
New 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB - V6 Sound, Start Up, Revs & Acceleration Engine: V6 (663Hp) + Electric motors (167Hp) | 3.0 L Horsepower: 830 Hp Torque: 740 Nm Acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 2.9 s 0-200 km/h: 7.3 s 0-300 km/h: 21.5 s Top Speed: 330 km/h __________ Thanks for watching. Liked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and feel free to subscribe! __________ FOLLOW ME: Subscribe - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - __________ #ferrari #296gtb #ferrari296gtb

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In today's video we review the new 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB live and in the flesh at Midwestern Auto Group in Columbus, Ohio. We do a walk around of the car and check out a few more Ferraris including the Ferrari Roma and the new Ferrari 296 GTB Spyder as well! MY FULL ONLINE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COURSE: NEW WILL MOTIVATION MERCH! SUBSCRIBE TO REAL ESTATE 101: SUBSCRIBE TO WILL MOTIVATION: LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE: Friday Nights and Sunday Afternoons… Turn on notifications! INSTAGRAM: @willmotivation EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE:


New Ferrari SF90 Assetto Fiorano – the fastest road car we've tested? | evo LEADERBOARD
It's Ferrari's most powerful series production car and its first plug-in hybrid. It's also one of the most complex cars we've driven, one that takes as many miles and as much time as you have to give in order to extract the most from both it and you. Just how efficient is it at making the most of its 4-litre turbocharged V8, three electric motors and combined 986bhp? We headed to Anglesey Circuit for three days with a truck load of tyres – Bridgestone Potenzas, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s and Pilot Sport Cup 2Rs, plus many technicians, race fuel to melt your eyeballs, and Steve Sutcliffe. Could it be the quickest road car to lap Anglesey's Coastal circuit? Read our Ferrari SF90 review on and don't forget to buy your copy of evo from (because that's what pays the bills to make these films) And follow us on our social channels at:​​​​ #ferrari #supercars

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Ex - Ferrari Design Boss Analyses & Redesigns The Ferrari 296 GTB!!
World renowned designer and designer the F430 & FXX, Frank Stephenson, weighs-in on the design of Ferrari's most recent release and sketches then renders how he feels it could have looked! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all, It's always a very special episode whenever I get to speak about something new from Ferrari. Since I have a personal history with Ferrari, having designed cars for them myself, I decided to get the pen and paper out for this episode and show you exactly how I feel this design could have turned out. Enjoy, Frank Timecodes: 00:00 Intro 00:23 Titles 01:25 First Impressions 02:20 Front 3/4 View 04:50 Profile View 08:10 Rear View 11:17 Wheels 11.46 The Redesign 12:20 Front 3/4 Redesign 15:00 Profile Redesign 16:50 Rear Redesign 17:50 Full Redesign Comparisons 18:25 Conclusion & Rating #FrankStephenson #Ferrari #296GTB

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How To Spec Your Ferrari 296 GTB: In - Depth Look
#Ferrari #296GTB #Supercars Hello Everyone, Welcome to another video, the Ferrari 296 GTB. We deep dive into the extensive amount of personalization options available on the 296 GTB, even a sneak peek at the Assetto Fiorano pack that adds to the drivability of this model. The 296 GTB was launched very recently and perhaps it is not too long until we see them running around on the roads. Look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your creation as owners come to life. Thanks for watching, CJ Follow me: Contact me: [email protected]

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Ferrari 296 GTB - A Vehicle That Truly Defines FUN TO DRIVE
The latest Prancing Horse in Ferrari's stable sets new standards in performance and driving enjoyment. Even more importantly – there has never been a Ferrari that is more fun to drive. Join us as we take a closer look at the electrifying Ferrari 296 GTB in this exclusive feature video with General Manager of Ferrari Sydney and Ferrari North Shore, Angelo Ruberto.

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We Doubt Anyone Asked for a V6 Hybrid Supercar, but the 296GTB is Everything a Ferrari Should Be
Dave VanderWerp recently went to Italy to drive the Ferrari 296GTB, an exotic sports car that represents a new era for the Italian automaker. While we doubt Ferrari enthusiasts were clamoring for a V6 hybrid engine, its combined 819 horsepower is sure to impress. In this video, Dave covers the power and response of this new engine, as well as its technical details. Also see launch control in action, estimated performance figures, and more than a few powerslides. Subscribe to Car and Driver 00:00 Intro 00:42 Startup and revving 01:10 Engine sound and response 02:10 More engine detail while Dave's stuck behind traffic 03:41 Ride, steering, and brake feel 04:50 Traffic finally clears 06:31 Launch control and estimated performance figures 07:05 Weight and tires 08:26 Gratuitous slow-mo powerslide 08:36 Conclusion #ferrari #italy

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フェラーリ296GTB公道試乗!EVモード走行時は超快適、フェラーリも新しい時代に突入|Ferrari 296GTB Test Drive Japan
ご視聴ありがとうございます! フェラーリ296GTBを試乗してきたのでその様子を紹介したいと思います。 以前はサーキットにて全開走行を体験しているので、今回は公道での使い勝手、乗り心地を主に確認しています。 【チャプターリスト(もくじ)】 00:00 イントロ 00:10 フェラーリ296GTBの外観 01:58 フェラーリ296GTBの内装 02:51 フェラーリ296GTBでの走行 05:23 EVモード走行中にガソリンエンジンが始動した瞬間 06:37 無事ディーラーへと帰着 今回フェラーリ296GTBを試乗させていただいたのは神戸のフェラーリ正規ディーラー、オートカヴァリーノさん。 いつもありがとうございます。 オートカヴァリーノさんのYoutubeチャンネルはこちら。 #フェラーリ #296GTB #スーパーカー ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SNS / BLOG ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Blog: facebook : Twitter : Instagram : 【再生リスト】 試乗や新型車のレビュー ランボルギーニのイベント関連 ランボルギーニ・ウラカン関連 フェラーリ関連 ポルシェ関連 メルセデス・ベンツ関連 マツダ関連

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Ferrari 296 GTB - V6 Hybrid Supercar: Road and Track Review | Catchpole on Carfection
Henry Catchpole reviews the hotly anticipated Ferrari 296 GTB on road and on track! Stats: Powered by V6 engine producing max torque of 546 lb-ft With a hybrid system that has an electric only range of 25km Weighs 1470kg (dry) 8-speed dual clutch (DCT) from the SF90 but with a mechanical reverse gear Price: £241,000 The design of the 296 GTB is a clear indication that the Roma was not a one off in bringing back an elegance to Ferrari road cars. It marries the advanced aerodynamic and hybrid drivetrain technology with an aesthetic that harkens back to the 250 LM race car. This hybrid system shows great potential for its usability. Henry reviews the 296 GTB to find out how well it does balances supercar and everyday car. Subscribe for more Carfection videos: Don't forget to hit the 🔔 Follow us on our socials for additional exclusive content: 👥 Facebook: 🐦 Twitter: 📸 Instagram: ♪ Tiktok:

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Getting Coffee In The NEW Ferrari 296 GTB
Check out my podcast, Behind The Glass (The UK's Number 1 Automotive Podcast) I head to Spain to drive the brand new Ferrari 296 GTB, on road and on track. For all things Seen Through Glass, visit my website: ---- Thinking of financing a car? Check out the Magnitude finance calculator: ---- What I Use To Make My Videos: Main Camera - Drone - Second Camera - On Camera Mic - Radio Mic - In Car Camera - [Cheap In Car Camera -] Camera Bag - Laptop - Essential Camera Accessory For Filming Cars - ---- Follow me on: Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - --- Intro Music - Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce Channel Art & Intro Photography by Adam Shah [] & Chris Williams [] ---- Thanks for watching SeenThroughGlass. If you liked this video you may also like videos by Shmee150, Salomondrin, Supercars Of London, Car Throttle, MrJWW and Petrolicious.

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New Ferrari 296 GTB | evo REVIEW
Maranello's first V6-powered road car looks to redefine the £200,000 supercar with hypercar power and a plug-in hybrid powertrain. We get behind the wheel to find out if its numbers translate to driving thrills. Read our full online review: And follow us on our social channels at:​​​​

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FERRARI 296 GTS (2023) 830 - HP Berlinetta Spider
The Ferrari 296 GTS uses the new 663 horsepower 120° V6, coupled with an electric motor capable of delivering a further 167 HP (122 kW), which debuted on the 296 GTB. This is the first 6-cylinder engine installed on a road-going spider sporting the Prancing Horse badge; it unleashes its class-leading 830 HP total power output to deliver previously unthinkable performance levels and an innovative, exhilarating and unique soundtrack, further enhanced by the fact that it can be relished with the top down.   The car’s name combines its total displacement (2992 l) and number of cylinders with the GTS (Gran Turismo Spider) acronym in finest Ferrari tradition, to underscore this new engine’s epoch-changing importance to Maranello. It is not simply the living, beating heart of the 296 GTS, but it also ushers in a new V6 era that has its roots deep in Ferrari’s unrivalled 75-year history.   The very first Ferrari V6 featured a 65° architecture and debuted on the 1957 1500 cc Dino 156 F2 single-seater. This was followed in 1958 by larger displacement versions on the front-engined sports prototypes – the 196 S and 296 S – and the 246 F1 car which powered Mike Hawthorn to the F1 Drivers’ Championship title the same year.   The 296 GTS’s plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system guarantees it is an incredibly usable car as well as cutting pedal response times to zero and delivering a 25km range in all-electric eDrive mode. The car’s compact dimensions and the introduction of innovative dynamic control systems as well as meticulously honed aero ensure that the driver will instantly be impressed by its astonishing agility and responsiveness to commands. Its sporty, sinuous design and extremely compact dimensions also visually underscore its unique and modern forms, while skilfully referencing the likes of the 1963 250 LM, the perfect marriage of simplicity and functionality.   The RHT (retractable hard top) guarantees exceptional occupant comfort. With the roof stowed it features a sleek, sporty design and with the roof up, the silhouette remains very similar to that of the 296 GTB. The lightweight RHT takes a mere 14 seconds to retract or deploy at speeds of up to 45km/h. The separation line between the car’s body and the roof is above the B post. As a result, the folding roof splits into two sections that fold flush over the front of the engine, thus maintaining the engine bay’s thermal dissipation characteristics and the balance of the overall design. This also allowed the designers to introduce a window in the rear section of the engine cover through which the new V6 is clearly visible. When the top is retracted, the cabin and the rear deck are separated by a height-adjustable glass rear screen which guarantees optimal passenger comfort even at high speeds.   As was the case with the SF90 Stradale, for clients who want to exploit the car’s extreme power and performance to the utmost, particularly on the track, the 296 GTS is also available with the Assetto Fiorano package, which includes lightweight features and aero modifications. Thanks for watching Comment, like, dislike, share! 🤟 Don't miss next car videos, subscribe now ► ✅ Source: Ferrari 🎵 MUSIC used Epidemic Sound ► (30 days free) Artlist ► (60 days free) #Ferrari #296 #GTS

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Ferrari 296 GTB POV DRIVE 4K
Curiosi di sapere cosa si prova a guidare la Ferrari 296 GTB e il suo V6 ibrido plug-in da 830 CV? Vi portiamo a bordo con noi! Iscriviti al canale: Facebook: Instagram: #Ferrari #296GTB #POV

PlayDownload Ferrari 296 GTB POV DRIVE 4K.mp3

Ferrari 296 GTB: small engine, massive power! Is this 820bhp V6 hybrid a mini LaFerrari? | Top Gear
Welcome to the Ferrari Renaissance. Welcome to the brand-new Ferrari 296 GTB. It doesn't replace the F8 Tributo, but "complements" the range, according to Ferrari. Unbelievably, its power output matches the V12 812 Competizione. You’re looking at the thick, scary end of 819bhp from a 2.9-litre turbocharged V6 and electric motor. Sheesh. When spooled up, both units send that mammoth power output to the rear wheels to record a 0-62mph time of 2.9s, a 0-124mph time of 7.3s, top speed of over 205mph, and a Fiorano lap time of 1m 21s; that latter number matches up to the Ferrari F12tdf. But there’s a lot more going on under the skin, so let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix be your jungle guide for this new era of six-cylinder Ferraris. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: WATCH MORE TOP GEAR: Chris Harris vs the 986bhp hybrid Ferrari SF90: Ferrari F40 vs Jaguar XJ220: Electric Awards 2021: MORE ABOUT TOP GEAR: Want to watch a bit of Top Gear on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you'll find on YouTube. Whether you're searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Want to share your views with the team? Join our BBC Studios Voice: This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback

PlayDownload Ferrari 296 GTB: small engine, massive power! Is this 820bhp V6 hybrid a mini LaFerrari? | Top Gear.mp3

FERRARI 296 GTB FULL SEND! | My Flat Out Ride in the Latest Ferrari Hybrid
In this video I get to experience the new Ferrari 296 GTB in full send up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022. What an experience! On the same run as Tim from Schmee150 and Jenson Button in the Radford Type 62-2. The 296 GTB is breathtaking and a fantastic new addition to the Ferrari model range. The Ferrari 296 GTB is Ferrari's first V6 since the Dino 246 GT went out of production in 1974. Its six-cylinder unit is linked up to a plug-in hybrid system to produce 830hp. The 0-62mph sprint is completed in 2.9 seconds before going on to a top speed north of 205mph. Many thanks to Ferrari UK for making this happen. @Ferrari #ferrari #ferrari296gtb

PlayDownload FERRARI 296 GTB FULL SEND! | My Flat Out Ride in the Latest Ferrari Hybrid.mp3

The problem with the Ferrari 296 GTS isn't the V6 engine
The 296 GTB uses a twin-turbo V-6 connected to an electric motor located between the engine and the 8-speed dual clutch gearbox. With a specific output of 218 hp per liter, it’s the most power-dense motor ever put into a production car. It makes a total of 654 horsepower from just a 2.9 L displacement. So how does this translate into performance? 0-62mph time is completed in just 2.9s and the 296 gets to 124mph in 7.3s and continues to a top speed of over 205mph It laps the Fiorano track in 1m 21s, the same time as the Ferrari F12tdf. This much power from this small of an engine is something that’s never been seen before. Now you might be worried that the 296 won’t have the same Ferrari sound and engine scream as we’re used to but Ferrari says not to worry, they’ve thought of this carefully and even calls the V6 Piccolo V12, or small V12. The exhaust setup is extremely simple and straight to the point and that’s the main reason why Ferrari claims the sound of the engine in the 296 will still be worthy of a Ferrari, especially when close to the rev limit at 8500rpm. The 296 gets a combined power output of 818 horsepower from the V6 and the electric motor. All this power is sent directly to the rear wheels only. Given the size and proportions of the car, this should make for an entertaining and exciting driving experience. Now since it has an electric motor, you can technically drive The GTB on electricity alone. However don’t expect going on any longer trips as an EV since the range is only about 15 miles on a full charge. Pricing for the hard top 296 GTB starts at $320k so we can expect the open top GTS to be a bit more expensive than that. Don't forget to pick up some new merch. All prints are 100% original and designed by myself with hand drawn paitings and sketches of classic cars. Use code SKETCH10 at checkout for 10% off your first order: ★My redesign channel: ★My vlog channel: ★My online sketch course: ★The books, art supplies and equipment I use: Thanks for watching! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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