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Explore how NexJ Nudge helps advisors deliver the best service and improve client outcomes. Developed to provide advisors with data-driven next best actions, this feature helps them grow their customers’ assets under management, ultimately driving loyalty.


How To Use Zoho Social | Free Social Media Management Software for Small Business
Today, I dive into a Zoho Social tutorial for those looking to get started with social media management. When building a brand online it’s important to leverage social media in order to reach your audience. However, this can be a time-consuming process (creating posts and manually sharing across different platforms or channels). ► Read our full article over on our website here: This is why it's important to leverage a social media management software like Zoho social. Zoho Social is free to use and allows you to share your content across 7 channels simultaneously. You can also leverage the free content calendar and schedule posts across all your social media channels. Get started with Zoho Social for free here: *IMPORTANT NOTE: The link above is an affiliate link, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade to a paid plan through this link (with no extra cost to you), this helps support our channel and we thank you in advance! ► Other Zoho product tutorials: Zoho Desk Tutorial for Beginners: How To Use Zoho Projects: How To Use Zoho Mail: Zoho CRM Tutorial for Beginners: ► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this Zoho social tutorial: 0:00 Intro 01:15 Getting started 02:32 Sign in/sign up 04:24 Connect social media channels 05:36 Invite team members 05:57 Home dashboard 08:00 Create posts 12:08 Manage posts 13:02 Content calendar 13:11 Manage messages 13:46 Outro ► Are you interested in joining our small business community? Join us to receive actionable tips, tutorials and tools to grow your small business online (Subscribe to our email list) or join our exclusive community here: Let me know if you found this Zoho social tutorial for beginners helpful. Also, if you require any help or support, make sure to get in touch with us today. Thanks for watching and enjoy! #zoho #socialmediamanagement

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NexJ Nudge - AI Suite: Intelligent Investment Recommendations
What makes NexJ’s Intelligent Investment Recommendations assistant the smart choice? Learn how you can automate compliance, mitigate risk, and optimize portfolio construction with a peek at our Deep Learning-powered digital assistant.

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Under Three Minutes: The Power of Partnerships
Back again with another Under Three Minutes, and this time we sit down with Vlad Hachinski, VP of Partnership Success, and discuss the increasing focus for financial institutions to forge partnerships outside the firm.

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NexJ CRM for Wealth Management Highlights
Looking for a CRM to meet your needs, but struggling to identify what features your advisors will actually use? Learn what a CRM truly made for wealth management means. Boost your advisors productivity by giving them the ability to view households and spheres of influence, the chance to engage them with personalized content and ultimately engage them at the right time with next best actions.

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NexJ's Comprehensive Customer View
A 360° view, for whatever comes your firm’s way.

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Corporate and Investment Banking - 360° Comprehensive Customer View
We’re beyond excited to share with you our latest video, which showcases how our Comprehensive Customer View provides Relationship Managers with a complete understanding of their clients. This 360° view enhances client engagement, deepens client loyalty, and ultimately drives more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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What We Do at NexJ Systems
NexJ Systems Inc. (TSX:NXJ) is a leading provider of enterprise customer management solutions to the financial services and insurance industries. NexJ’s solutions include industry-specific customer relationship management (CRM); customer process management (CPM) for client onboarding and KYC; and customer data management (CDM) to deliver a holistic view of customers across line of business and regional data silos. Our solutions integrate information from multiple systems into a unified view to help firms better understand and share information about their customers to increase loyalty, drive cross-sell, and improve the customer experience.

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Under Three Minutes: Understanding Customer Experience Expectations
Director of Product, Pat Sathiensamrit, drops by to discuss the evolving nature of the customer experience and how Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are shaping customer expectations for financial services.

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NexJ Nudge - AI Suite: Next Best Action
Make the smart choice and harness the power of NexJ Nudge-AI’s Next Best Action digital assistant to help drive compliance, engagement and loyalty.

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CACM July 2018 - Digital Nudging: Guiding Online User Choices through Interface Design
Life is full of choices, often in digital environments. People interact with e-government applications; trade financial products online; buy products in Web shops; book hotel rooms on mobile booking apps; and make decisions based on content presented in organizational information systems. All such choices are influenced by the environments in which they take place, and designers of these environments can subtly guide users' behavior by gently "nudging" them toward certain choices. “Digital Nudging: Guiding Online User Choices through Interface Design,” a contributed article in the July issue of Communications of the ACM, shows how designers can consider the effects of nudges when designing digital choice environments.

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Deepen Customer Relationships with Personalized Content
Inform is a digital assistant that helps advisors engage with clients using content tailored to their clients’ interests. Inform works with AdvisorStream, an award-winning platform that helps financial firms and advisors engage investors through timely, personalized, and compliant communications.

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Basics of Zoho CRM
Getting started with a CRM system might seem a little overwhelming at first. With a multitude of features and settings available, it can be hard to figure out what to do first. It takes time to familiarize yourself with the product, but it's not as hard as it sounds. In this video, we will get you started with Zoho CRM by explaining the terminology, the options you will see after you log in, the different navigation methods, and all the features that you can use to make Zoho CRM your own. Watch all the videos from the playlist here:

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Improving the Advisor Experience: A Conversation With the Rudin Group, Celent, and NexJ Systems
We were lucky enough to sit down with April Rudin, Founder and President of The Rudin Group, Aawad Aamir, Analyst with Celent, and Andrew Cant, VP of Financial Services Solutions at NexJ Systems, about what truly improves the advisor experience. Throughout our conversation, we discussed the future of advisor efficiency, the current state of next best action, and how firms can implement tools to help advisors be at the top of their game.

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New Battery technology that lasts decades, Lithium Titanate Oxid - LTO
A battery with a lifespan of a human being? Yes, with up to 30 000 cycles, it may serve you 82 years (one cycle per day). Lithium-based technology: Lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12, referred to as LTO in the battery industry) is a promising technology for applications with high requirements like high charge and/or discharge current rate, long lifetime and extreme temperature conditions. Safety, stability: LTO offers advantages in terms of power and chemical stability. The LTO based batteries have lower voltage: between 2.8V and 1.5V (the nominal voltage is 2.3V). Nevertheless, the lower operating voltage brings significant advantages in terms of safety. Fast charge and discharge: Further, these batteries can be charged fast. Data shows that these batteries can be safely charged at rates higher than 5C. This means the battery can be charged in less than 10 minutes. The maximum charge and discharge rate is 10C so in this case, it is 400A! High efficiency: The LTO based batteries also have a wider operating temperature range and a recharge efficiency exceeding 98%. Wide operation temperature range: LTO based batteries provide much better low-temperature performance compared to carbon-based batteries. The operation ambient temperature range is from -50°C to 65°C. Extreme durable life-cycle: The large cycle life and high rate capability of LTO based batteries also bring unique advantages in applications where maximal cycle life is required. Using those cells properly you can easily exceed 30,000 cycles lifetime. Presented product: Yinlong 2,3V 40Ah LTO66160H - Grade A Yinlong 2,3V 40Ah LTO66160H - Grade B Find out more at You can, too, follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter ( for more frequent updates.

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How to Start a Speech
Subscribe for my new educational videos: Check out my TED talk (now over 2 million views): "The Discipline of Finishing: Conor Neill at TEDxUniversidaddeNavarra" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- I am Conor Neill. I teach. I share tips. I ask questions. I'm a member of EO, President of Vistage in Spain and teach at IESE Business School. Shout out if you've been there or done that ;-) on on on I'd love you to subscribe. My best ideas for videos come from your questions. What is your struggle? Subscribe for my new educational videos: Watch this video and more in the "Develop Your Speaking Skills" Playlist: I have been teaching Persuasive Communications on MBA courses at IESE Business School for 10 years. This is part of a collection of short lessons compiled from my courses and shared for use both as a support to my classes, and a way of sharing this valuable knowledge to a wider audience via these awesome digital tools ;-) Visit my channel for more videos: Subscribe to receive new videos in your feed: What are the first words of a speech? What should be the first sentence of a speech? How can you engage an audience from the first moment? There are 3 ways to start a speech.

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How to Do a Presentation - 5 Steps to a Killer Opener
5 Steps to dazzle your audience. Be better by tomorrow. Discover the secrets to giving a master presentation… techniques most presenters have never even heard of… skills that will get even the toughest audiences to thank you. If you want to know how to do give KILLER presentation you've come the right place. Watch public speaking and presentation skills expert Jason Teteak give a presentation modeling exact techniques for how to do an amazing presentation. How to give a presentation, online public speaking training, public speaking tutorials, how to give a speech, fear of public speaking, anxiety THIS IS HUGE--Do you know your presentation personality style? Take the quiz... #PublicSpeakingCoaching, #ZoomPresentations, #Virtualtraining, #NotesorNot

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Make Animated PowerPoint Slide
In this PowerPoint tutorial, you are going to learn and see something new and different. Here, I will show you how to make an attractive and eye catchy animated PowerPoint presentation slide to surprise your audience. 🔥 Get our premium template on: 🔥 Check our PowerPoint course in Udemy: ❤️ Help us to create more videos and Get more REWARDS: 🔥 You can download this animated PowerPoint template for free from here: Used elements: Software: PowerPoint 2016 or 2013 Shapes: Rectangle & Oval Transition: Morph This PowerPoint presentation slide can easily make your audience surprise. And also it is considered as the best work which has been done by PowerPoint School. As it is a multipurpose PowerPoint template, you can use it in any type of presentation. Moreover, It seems the animation is going on a single slide which is awesome. Like us on Facebook: Contact me on: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Behance: Make sure you like and subscribe to this channel to get more awesome PowerPoint tutorials everyday. Thanks for watching :) Icons credit: Idea credit of history slide (03): Name: Cavale-Multipurpose Powerpoint Template Link: Background Music Credits: Funky Chunk Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Digital nudge: How automation, machine learning & artificial intelligence shape digital decisions
As automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality become more prevalent and powerful, the dangers of using dark patterns to influence behavior will become more harmful. As an individual, what's the impact? As an organization, what moral standards do we hold ourselves to? The #DigitalNudge movement explores how to use behavioral science knowledge to make the world a better place. The Red Hat® Open Innovation Labs’ success with UNICEF is a case study of using “Tech for good.” Watch this whiteboarding video to learn about the collaboration between UNICEF and Red Hat. Presenters: Fabio Pereira & Alexandra Machado Learn more:

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Nudge - Take On Me (Cover)
Nudge yourself into a classic with our co-worker's cover of A-Ha's Take On Me.

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A closer look at nudging with Richard Thaler
Can people be nudged into making better choices? Nobel economist Richard Thaler coined the term “nudging” and explains how it can encourage people to make better decisions, whether it's about your health or finances. “The idea of a nudge is that we never make choices in isolation,” Thaler says. “You can't avoid nudging.” We’ve teamed up with more than 45 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences. Together, we tackle questions around sustainability, technology, finance and society. For more information about Nobel Perspectives visit: #NobelPerspectives #AskANobel #shareUBS

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