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The comet's crashed, and craters filled with alien new items have appeared on the Battle Royale map.

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This Is How Much Avengers: Infinity War Cost to Make - IGN News
Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War may be the biggest visual spectacle of the year, so it's no surprise that it cost Disney quite a few pennies to bring this epic vision to life. Subscribe to the IGN News Channel! ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:

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High Score intro
Netflix heeft met High Score een nieuwe documentaire serie uitgebracht waarin de historie van de gamewereld wordt uitgelicht. Zo worden Pac-Man, Nintendo en de SEGA Genesis onder de loep genomen.

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Marvel's Spider - Man: Miles Morales - Official PC Teaser Trailer
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PC in Fall 2022. Check out the Spider Man Miles Morales PC teaser trailer for the game. Following the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, teenager Miles Morales is adjusting to his new home while following in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker, as a new Spider-Man. But when a fierce power struggle threatens to destroy his new home, the aspiring hero realizes that with great power, there must also come great responsibility. To save all of Marvel’s New York, Miles must take up the mantle of Spider-Man and own it. #IGN #Gaming #SpiderMan

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Nier: Automata The End of Yorha Edition - Official Trailer
Take a tour of the abandoned factory and see the threats you'll encounter in this latest trailer for Nier: Automata The End of Yorha Edition. Nier: Automata The End of Yorha Edition launches on Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2022. #IGN #Gaming

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Boldly Going Nowhere clip - Glenn Howerton
Clip from #boldlygoingnowhere from #alwayssunny podcast

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The Best Accidental Side Effect of the GTA 6 Leak
The unprecedented leak of Grand Theft Auto VI was bad news for pretty much everyone involved but it's somehow lead to something REALLY cool: a bunch of game developers are also showing off very early versions of their games, and the results are amazing. #IGN #Gaming #GTA6

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Shovel Knight Dig - Official Launch Trailer
Shovel Knight Dig is available now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Apple Arcade. Watch the exciting launch trailer for this new adventure in the Shovel Knight series and get ready to take on Drill Knight in this action roguelike game. When Drill Knight and his dastardly digging crew blast apart Shovel Knight’s peaceful campsite and steal his loot, he grabs his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them! But as he and Shield Knight soon discover, this adventure goes much deeper than a simple heist. #IGN #Gaming #ShovelKnightDig

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LETS GO I FINALLY UPLOADED ELITE IS BACK ON MEÑU. I got grounded bruh I had this video planned to be released 2 weeks ago but now we back expect some future videos with [ REDACTED ] Music used in the video - [【東方English Vocal/Eurobeat】 Tear You Up 「A-ONE」 【English Subtitle】 ] ----------------------------------- Subscribe to these scrubs CallMeFacts : Bigga Wigga [ Guam ] Silent Shade [ Iceman/ ZanderTime ] MICHAEL BTW [ Pirrin85 ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey go follow my socials for any updates might post stuff there - - - - - - - Hey why are you here go watch my video its up there =================================================================


Dear Zoe - Official Trailer (2022) Sadie Sink, Theo Rossi
A year after her family suffers an unimaginable loss, teenage Tess pens a heartfelt letter to her dead little sister Zoe, reflecting on what was lost, her resistance to traveling with her family down the recovery road, and the surprising sources from which she gains love and support so that she can begin to get better. Dear Zoe stars Sadie Sink, Theo Rossi, Kweku Collins, Vivien Lyra Blair, Mckenzie Noel Rusiewicz, Tanyell Waivers, Justin Bartha, and Jessica Capshaw. It is directed by Gren Wells. Dear Zoe, directed by Gren Wells, will be available in select theaters and VOD on November 4, 2022. #IGN #Movies

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The Radical History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may have had humble beginnings as a comic book passion project by two nerds, but it has since grown into a massive multimedia franchise with movies, shows, video games and merchandise beloved to multiple generations. We recount the history of the TMNT and explain how the franchise's biggest hits (and misses) came to be. #IGN #TMNT

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This Wakanda Forever Merch Might've Just Revealed The New Black Panther - IGN The Fix: Entertainment
The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer revealed quite a few things, one of those being someone else donning the Black Panther costume in the #MCU. It seems we might have confirmation of a few fan theories after this Instagram user posted pictures of a #BlackPanther Wakanda Forever LEGO playset. While LEGO hasn’t posted official images of the playset, these photos look pretty convincing. Is Shuri the new Black Panther? In other news, there’s a new Yeezy documentary coming out based on solving the mystery of Kanye Quest 3030. And finally, we’ll be getting our first look at the upcoming Mario movie at New York Comic Con! #IGN #BlackPanther #Marvel

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Terra Invicta Early Access Review
Terra Invicta reviewed in Early Access by Jon Bolding on PC. There are brilliant ideas in the ambitious Terra Invicta, and a lot of fun to find for strategy game enthusiasts, but you need to be willing to drill down into sometimes-opaque and confusing mechanics to do it. The politics of its Earth layer are fun, if overwhelming, while the space layer is very cool on paper, but the two just don't gel in practice. When playing takes such a huge time investment of trial-and-error to see results, a recommendation has to come with big caveats until Terra Invicta has spent some more time in early access. #IGN #Gaming

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Logitech Seemingly Reveals New Xbox Model - IGN Daily Fix
In today's Daily Fix, A new model of Xbox Series X may have been revealed in an ad for Logitech's Astro A30 wireless headphones. Would you buy this new model? In a Twitter thread, Mortal Kombat's John Tobias gives the scoop on the creation of the series' iconic logo. What do you think? Dragon or seahorse? And finally, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PC. We can't wait to see what crazy mods the internet comes up with. #IGN #Gaming #Xbox

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Shovel Knight Dig Review
Shovel Knight Dig reviewed on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch and mobile, with PlayStation and Xbox versions coming later. Shovel Knight Dig is a wonderful melding of the mechanics and feel of Shovel Knight and the ever evolving roguelite genre. It stumbles a bit on its roguelite progression mechanics, and its a bit on the short side, but none of that stops Shovel Knight Dig from being a blast to play. #IGN #Gaming #ShovelKnight

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🔴 Vox with Valrak - Next Years Rumours are WILD!
Support my streaming, think of becoming a channel member, much appreciated ► Thank you for watching my video, glory to the Emperor and the Imperium of Mankind! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YT MEMBERSHIP ►► DISCORD ►► TWITTER ►► FACEBOOK ►► INSTAGRAM ►► ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELEMENT GAMES ►► OVERLCOCKERS ►► MERCH ►► PATREON ►► ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support the stream: #warhammer #warhammer40k #40k #gamesworkshop #horusheresy All images, miniatures, or any other trademarks (other than our own) are either ®, TM, and/or © to their respective company owners. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

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Xbox Series X vs RTX 3060 / How 9th gen holds against mid - range GPU?
Join Hardware Lab Discord server:

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How Andor Illustrates The Bleakness of Imperial Rule | Star Wars Canon Fodder
Andor, the Cassian Andor character study, marks a new exciting direction for Star Wars. Andor has drawn eyes for its more adult tone since the Andor trailer appeared at Star Wars Celebration, with the Andor series representing more than your standard prequel. Andor, Star Wars’ origin of a standout Rogue One character, is now out on Disney+. There’s lots of room to explore in Andor, Disney Plus seems to provide lots of room to breathe in the character study of Cassian Andor, Rogue One far off in the distance. We’ve got our eyes trained on Star Wars: Andor on Disney Plus in this edition of IGN Canon Fodder with host Max Scoville. Check out our breakdown, easter eggs, including confirmation on Star Wars: Dark Forces, and whether or not that is the Dark Forces blaster, aka the Bryar Pistol. Aside from the potential Bryar Pistol, Star Wars has a lot more going on in the background of Cassian Andor, blaster fans. So who is Cassian Andor? Empire enemy, for sure, as this is the beginning of the Rebellion in Star Wars. Empire loyalists beware, because Andor and Diego Luna are just getting started and so are we. Is that the Kyle Katarn pistol? What does Jedi Outcast have to do with it? We’ve got all the answers for the Disney Plus exploration of this chapter of Star Wars, explained all right here. Did we miss anything? Drop your Star Wars theory in the comments! Subscribe to IGN for more! ------------------------------ ---- Watch more on IGN here! ------------------------------ ---- #ign#starwars#andor#empire#rogueone

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Catherine Called Birdy - Official Trailer (2022) Bella Ramsey, Andrew Scott
Here's your look at the trailer for Catherine Called Birdy, the movie starring Bella Ramsey, Lesley Sharp, Sophie Okonedo, Joe Alwyn, Isis Hainsworth, Dean-Charles Chapman, Paul Kaye, Billie Piper, and Andrew Scott. The year? 1290. In the Medieval English village of Stonebridge, Lady Catherine (known as Birdy) is the youngest child of Lord Rollo and the Lady Aislinn. Her playground is Stonebridge Manor, a house that, like the family, has seen better days. Financially destitute and utterly greedy, Rollo sees his daughter as his path out of financial ruin by marrying her off to a wealthy man for money and land. But Birdy, like all the great teen heroines, is spirited, clever and adventurous – and ready to put off any suitor that comes calling in increasingly ingenious ways. Her imagination, defiance and deep belief in her own right to independence put her on a collision course with her parents. When the most vile suitor of all arrives, they are presented with the ultimate test of love for their daughter. Catherine Called Birdy, written and directed by Lena Dunham, opens in select theaters today, September 23, and will be available on Prime Video on October 7, 2022. #IGN #Movies #CatherineCalledBirdy

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Prey for the Devil - Official Trailer #2 (2022) Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon
Check out the new trailer for Prey for the Devil, an upcoming horror movie starring Jacqueline Byers, Colin Salmon, Christian Navarro, Nicholas Ralph, Ben Cross, and Virginia Madsen. Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) believes she is answering a calling to be the first female exorcist… but who, or what, called her? In response to a global rise in demonic possessions, Ann seeks out a place at an exorcism school reopened by the Catholic Church. Until now these schools have only trained priests in the Rite of Exorcism – but a professor (Colin Salmon) recognizes Sister Ann’s gifts and agrees to train her. Thrust onto the spiritual frontline with fellow student Father Dante (Christian Navarro), Sister Ann finds herself in a battle for the soul of a young girl, who Sister Ann believes is possessed by the same demon that tormented her own mother years ago. Determined to root out the evil, Ann soon realizes the Devil has her right where he wants her. Prey for the Devil opens in theaters on October 28, 2022. #IGN #Movies #Horror

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Narz's Office Hours: Trombone Champ!
Join Narz for 2 hours of Let's Play, Interviews, guest appearances and more!

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